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Absence & Lateness 

It is extrmely important that parents/carers inform us if their child will be absent from school. It is also important that children are brought in to school at their specified starting time. All children should be at school by 9.15am at the latest.

Parents/carers should call 020 7527 4844 to inform reception if thier child will be absent or late. It is important that we are informed for numerous reasons such as the safeguarding/welfare of your child, planning for your childs education and lunch numbers.

Our core day starts at 9.15am therefore we expect all children to be in class by this time so that activities planned for your child can startcommence and children can settle in to their day. Being late can result in your child not receiving the welcome they deserve as staff will be engaged with other children and activities so it is hard for them to come and welcome you and your child. 

Persistent absence and/or lateness will not be tolerated.