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Childminder Information

Spaces at our nursery are oversubscribed, parents often ask us about childminding options. Please find below some information that you will hopefully find useful.

When choosing childminders

Childminders will look after your child in their own home, but they will also take children out regularly. Your child will have a familiar carer who provides fun and learning. Some childminders have a garden or they take children out to the park to give them access to outdoor play. Childminders are self-employed and services, fees and opening times vary.

Ofsted requires that everyone who lives in the home over 16 must have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Childminders have attended training before Ofsted registers them and they should regularly attend training to keep up to date. Some also have qualifications

Islington has a Quality Assurance Scheme, called 'Flexi Network' and all childminders are members. They are supported and monitored by childminding coordinators and work towards 10 quality standards which cover all aspects of childminding, from keeping children safe and working with families. Childminders who meet these standards are quality assured and, therefore, show commitment to offering the best possible childcare service.

Our Speedminding sessions offer you an opportunity to meet Islington Ofsted registered childminders at an informal stay and play session organised at a children's centre. You can talk to childminders and find out about the services they offer. You can also talk to the Childminding and Childcare Information Officer if you have any questions about childminders as a childcare option.

Additional questions for childminders

  • How many children do you look after, and how old are the children?
  • What training and experience do you have?
  • What activities and routines do you provide for the children and where do you take them when you go out?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Who else will be in the house when you are minding?
  • Do you drive? If yes, do you have suitable insurance and car seats?
  • Do you have references from parents?

Below is a link from Islington which will take you to their childcare and early education page. There you will find a tab that highlights all registered childminders in the Borough.