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Core books

In both the toddler and nursery class we follow a core book approach. Quality texts are chosen each half term as our core book. The books are selected for different reasons depending on the cycle of the school year. At the beginning of the school year when children are settling in “Owl Babies” is often chosen as it introduces the theme of separating from a parent/carer but being reassured they will come back. Short, repetitive texts or those with a rhyme content are also chosen as they enable children to quickly become familiar with the books and to anticipate sentence endings.

The core book approach is shared with parents and children are encouraged to take these books home. Our core books are also used alongside visual aids such as magnetic story props and puppets to enable children to practice sequencing the story as they become more familiar. Key texts from the story including the title and character names are also used to support children in recognising letters and linking sounds to letters to begin reading.

Big books are used to allow for shared reading opportunities. Adults model how to turn pages and children will be encouraged to follow text from left to right.

The use of core books often lends itself to cross curricula activities. When a book is correctly chosen it can be used to deliver many teaching opportunities such as mark making, using number and counting, learning about the world around them and for the development of personal, social and emotional skills.