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How do we organise learning?

Children are unique and holistic learners, thriving within environments that support their individual and diverse motivations, interests and needs. They require a wealth of possibilities within varies contexts, and this is best supported within stimulating and challenging environments that value exploration and play. Birth to 5 Matters 2021

At North Islington Nursery School our classrooms are set up in a workshop style way so that all resources are easily accessible to children. We encourage children to be independent when selecting resources and we ensure that materials are attractively displayed to encourage participation. Children have opportunities for real choice and autonomy which together with time, allow children to fully immerse themselves in independent exploration and enquiry.

Within this play, children are given the opportunity to also connect with both other children and staff. The enabling environments in all three classrooms ensure that children benefit from the opportunity to choose their own learning through play. Children are free to move between each well-resourced play space both within the inside classroom and when outside or from inside to outside.

Staff pay careful attention to children’s ages, stages of development and interests to ensure that resources and play opportunities encourage participation whilst providing the opportunity for children to develop those characteristics of effective learning.

Each classroom is spacious and children have direct access to the outside gardens. Resources are clearly displayed and it is our intent that spaces ‘make sense’ to children. Children become familiar with how to use the resources safely and effectively.

Every space is set up to ensure that children are exploring and learning even when an adult is not on hand to support play.

Books are placed in every area to encourage and develop listening and attention and reading skills. A mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts allow children to find out about a wide range of subjects. 

Mark making opportunities are also encouraged with the use of clipboards across the inside and outside environments.

The classrooms are mainly static in appearance. We believe that learning should not be interrupted. If a child needs tape or scissors, then they know exactly where to obtain these resources and they are kept in the same place to ensure consistency.

By observing children, staff get to know how they learn, their interests and stage of development in the 7 areas of learning. This knowledge is shared with colleagues to ensure that purposeful enhancements are made to our continuous provision. This means that learning opportunities build on what children already know and can do and enable them to achieve the next step in their learning and development.

Children’s work is displayed on neutral backgrounds. Their work adds the colour and vibrancy to each classroom. Children are encouraged to share their hard work with everyone and displays provide the perfect opportunity for this.