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Mission, Vision & Aims

Happy to be here –  A place where everyone feels valued, included and is listened to. A place where we play, develop a love for learning and have fun!


North Islington is a school where….

  1. Children feel happy, safe and secure
  2. Everyone feels valued, listened to and important as an individual
  3. Diversity is celebrated and used as a way of finding out more about the world around us
  4. The teaching and learning is child centred, built upon what children already know, is stimulating, exciting and challenging and enables every child to achieve their best.
  5. Children develop their lively enquiring minds, with supportive adults who provide opportunities to develop questioning skills and enable active, confident learners
  6. Families are welcomed, supported and encouraged to work with the school to achieve the best for their child
  7. A healthy lifestyle is promoted and shared in an age/stage appropriate way
  8. We celebrate success and support children in discovering their individual strengths
  9. Children develop self-esteem, respect for each other, confidence, resilience and self-worth


We work to achieve and maintain our vision by…

  1. Planning in the moment – allowing children to lead their own play alongside responsive adults, ready to build on what children already know
  2. Celebrating and valuing success by displaying children’s individual work, making books, displaying photos, creating learning journals and sharing with parents/carers
  3. In partnership with parents we effectively Identify the needs of individuals
  4. Providing an environment where children are free to select their own resources, direct their own play, face challenges and refine and evaluate their own work
  5. Fostering an ethos of respect, kindness and encouragement
  6. Using the characteristics of effective learning to tune into what children are doing and how best they can be supported and challenged
  7. Sharing agreed guidelines and policies with all who use the school
  8. Evaluating all we do to continue to improve practice and outcomes for all children.