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Ocean - 3-4 Years

The Learning Environment:

Ocean Room is a large double unit class with an exceptional outside space. The room is led by an experienced Lead Teacher and is supported by a team of experienced nursery education workers. The team is further supported by 2 experienced education support workers who primarily support children with special educational needs.

As mirrored by effective teaching in the younger age groups, the staff expertly allow the children to lead their own play and discoveries, providing support and challenge where appropriate. We plan in the moment rather than observing what children do before planning for next steps. The way in which we observe, assess and plan immediately, enables children to be supported/challenged there and then. Staff do not spend days completing long plans. Instead, they are on hand to effectively support children’s real interests and to provide them with the opportunity to deepen understanding in areas that are already a priority for them. This fits well with our belief that children learn best when they are interested and motivated!

The room is divided into ‘learning spaces’ where children are encouraged to select their own resources and direct their own learning with adults close by to support. The area is very much set up in a workshops style environment. Everything has its own place which is clearly labelled and children are expected to put things away once finished with. Children have free access to different types of workshop spaces including, creative art workshop, woodwork area, small world play, block play and construction, mathematical resources, a story telling and puppet area, home corner space, a literacy corner, sand and water spaces and a playdough/cooking workshop.

The outside space is a challenging environment for children who enjoy physical play. It also features a large sand area, water table with a pump and a mud kitchen where children are encouraged to explore natural materials, using their senses. We provide waterproof clothing for children so that they can use the garden whatever the weather!