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We have a legal responsibility to inform Children’s Social Care of any child protection concerns in relation to children who come to North Islington Nursery School and Children’s Centre.  Should any of the staff have child protection concerns regarding a child who comes to the Centre we will, in the majority of cases discuss those with you as the parent/carer and if necessary make a referral to Children’s Social Care.


A wide range of policies are in place and designed to achieve a fair, safe and caring environment, in which children are – safe from harm, know that staff have their welfare at heart, and know that staff will always listen to them.


All staff are trained on first aid on an annual basis during a development morning. In addition there are members of staff who have specialised paediatric first aid training. There are a number of first aid kits situated around the centre. When a child is ill, or has suffered an accident in nursery or the outdoor area on site there is a protocol for staff to follow.


North Islington provides a secure site. Our building has CCTV and access control systems in place which only enables staff with accessible rights to access any areas where children are present. Our nursery school children have free access to the outdoor space therefore we do not allow any Outreach Services to take place in our garden unless it has been forward planned e.g. weekend outreach days.


We follow a rigourous recruitment process and all staff who work in the centre have a full DBS check carried out by the Local Authority. We ensure that any partners we work with follow similar processess and obtain a statement or evidence from them which assures us this is the case. Any temporary staff from an agency or our catering company have their ID checked upon arrival. 


Staff have completed necessary training provided by the Local Authority in completeing risk assessments. Risk assessment records are carried out for all educational visits. Protocols are followed for all outings.

We have a number of policies which cover various aspects of safeguarding which parents/carers are welcome to acccess. Some have been made readily availabe on our website, others you are welcome to ask at reception for a copy. 


Please see the link below for guidance on keeping your children safe online. 

Keeping children safe online | NSPCC