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Teaching & Learning

At North Islington Nursery School we aim to provide the children with a rich and exciting curriculum based around interests and experiences which are relevant to them. We firmly believe that children learn best through their play. Therefore, we provide daily opportunities for interaction, discovery, active learning, talk and exploration both inside and outside.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

 Our provision for children’s learning and development follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). However, we do not plan ahead. Our work is very much in the moment. We are confident that the children are experts in their own learning and allow them to lead adults in new discoveries and challenges. The adults ensure that learning opportunities are purposeful and that resources do in fact ensure children make good progress in all areas of the EYFS. Children are encouraged to mark make/write though purposeful play. We will not expect children to write for the sake of writing or for assessing what they can do. Equally, mathematical concepts will be taught through every day experiences – measuring the right length of tape to join cardboard boxes together or recording how many children are having snack are examples of the type of ‘real’  and ‘meaningful’ learning that takes place every day.

Staff also focus very much on supporting children in developing effective characteristics of learning which are

  • Play and Exploration
  • Active Learning
  • Creating and Thinking Critically

We discuss how children are given opportunities to develop these characteristics during weekly meetings and we refine/enhance the environment accordingly.

Recording and Celebrating Achievement

At North Islington Nursery School practitioners observe children engaged in self-initiated activities and record significant progress and achievement. Ipads are used to track each child’s progress on a system called My Nursery Child. Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning and progress by logging on to their child’s individual profile on My Nursery Child. Children’s key worker/class teacher will arrange termly meetings to discuss and celebrate the progress made by children.

 On entry to Reception class, each child will leave with a learning journal which celebrates their achievement during their time here. These are presented to the children and their families at our Graduation ceremony!

Integrated 2 year old review

Early Years Settings: - Progress Check

A child who attends our setting and is aged between two and three, will have their progress reviewed by an Early Years Practitioner and a Health Visitor. They will provide parents and/or carers with a short written summary of their child’s development in the prime areas of learning (Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language and Physical development). This progress check must identify the child’s strengths, and any areas where the child’s progress is less than expected. If there are any significant concerns or any identified special educational need or disability the practitioners should develop a targeted plan to support the child’s future learning and development and involve relevant professionals.